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Ruthie Bowers here. 

The Printables Market is changing. What worked even a year ago, doesn't necessarily work today. And not knowing what you should be creating and publishing can leave you feeling stressed out and overwhelmed. And really, who needs more stress these days?

So, what's a low-content publisher to do? How do you know what you should be focusing on for the coming year in order to maximize your profits and grow your publishing business?

That's where the Printable Publishers Round Table comes in!

I've invited some of the top low content providers in the industry to come and chat about the state of the printables niche and how you can create new products for it. Many of them have been selling since the niche began and continue to deliver high value products. These are the people you want to learn from!

For three days from January 18 to 20 we're going to sit down and talk about low-content and printables publishing, and you're invited to sit in and listen, and get your questions answered! 

Join Us For The Free

Printable Publishers Round Tables

Each day I and other creators will discuss topics relating to low-content publishing as well as creative ways to use the products in the bundle. You will get ideas for repurposing and editing the content from some of the creators themselves.

These sessions are free to attend live. Replays will be available quickly for all Deluxe bundle customers.


Monday January 18th

2pm EST

Round Table 1

What Does Printables Publishing Look Like in 2021?

A discussion about what printables publishing holds for 2021 and the future. These publishers will talk a bit about where they see the industry and how their own projects are shaping up for this year and beyond.


Ruth Bowers - Ritchie Media

Rayven Monique - Color Monthly

Melody Wigdahl - PLRoftheMonth.club

Tuesday January 19th

2pm EST

Round Table 2

How Can Written PLR and Printables Work Together?

In this discussion, we'll talk about one of my passions - making written PLR and done-for-you content work in the printables market. 


Ruth Bowers - Ritchie Media

Rayven Monique - Color Monthly

Melody Wigdahl - PLRoftheMonth.club

Jenn Brockman - Planning Addicts

Wednesday, January 20th

2pm EST

Round Table 3

Repurposing Outside the Box

Special guests Lori Winslow and Alice Seba are joining the panel today to talk content repurposing. 

We'll also take a look at some of the products in the bundle and brainstorm ideas on how to use them. 


Ruth Bowers - Ritchie Media

Alice Seba - Publish for Prosperity

Lori Winslow - Lori Winslow Online

Rayven Monique - Color Monthly

Melody Wigdahl - PLRoftheMonth.club

Jenn Brockman - Planning Addicts

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Printable Publishers Round Tables!


Q: I can't attend live. Will there be replays?

A: The replays will be a part of the Deluxe Bundle. You can pre-purchase them now, and they will be available for you to download on January 21 when the Low Content Bundle Sale officially opens. Click here to purchase the recordings.

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