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Get to Know My Low-Content Creator Friends!

Hi! It's Ruthie Bowers here with a group of my fellow publishers and we want to help you get to know us and our products a little better!

Our "Everything for $5" Sale has ended, but you can still take advantage of a few deals from my friends below.

I have such talented friends, I can't help but want to share all their goodies with you! So read on to find out how you can meet my friends, and take advantage of some really great deals too. 

Here's How It Works...

As you scroll down the page you'll see products on offer from myself and 9 of my friends.

Each one will have a "buy now" button. 

You pick the ones you want to buy and click on the button. That will take you to the proper sales page to purchase the product. 

If there is a discount coupon available for the listed product, you'll find that in the product description.

The Products

From Jan Small of
Summer Bucket List Templates (value $27)

Make summer fun for you and your customers with this printable pack of bright and cheerful beach-themed bucket lists, full of ideas for making the most of the season. PLR/Commercial rights and templates for both Powerpoint and Canva included in US Letter and A4 sizes as well as ready-to-print PDF. 

Only $5 with Coupon Code - 5BUCKS 

From Stephanie Hansen of
Mosaic To Do Checklist Daily Planner (value $17)

Undated daily combination priority and to do list will help you schedule your most important tasks and projects, and lets you add notes as well. Clean layout with a blue mosaic cover and frame makes it easy to see what you need to get done, and since it’s undated, you can start using it any time.

Only $5 with Coupon Code 5BUCKS

From Michelle Farmer of PLR Niche
Home Cleaning Planner (value $32)

This House Cleaning Planner PLR Template comes with 100% Unique 32 Pages made by PLR Niche Shop and 6 different covers & Backs, 8.5 x 11" & 8 x 10”, PowerPoint Files, PDF File, Font File with Commercial Use Rights.

Only $5 with coupon code 5days

From Helen Ross of
Kids Alphabet and Numbers Coloring Book (value $27)

36 UNIQUE PAGES, Use for Digital and Printable Activity Book Inserts. Print it out or insert these into digital planners and workbooks. Can be sold as is, as a physical product or a digital product. Brand it as your own. Sell it on Etsy, Amazon, KDP, or your own website. Great for homeschooling, kids activities, businesses, teachers, moms, babysitters, etc...

Only $5 with Coupon Code 5BUCKS

kitchen hacks templates promo image
From Sue Fleckenstein of
Simple Templates Designs

A Collection of individual template packs in various niches. Each pack contains: 

  • Popular Sizes - each design comes in 6 x 9, 8 x 10 & 8.5 x 11 inches
  • Individual Packs - each pack contains 2 templates in different styles
  • Margins - We have set margins around each design - just add your content in between the lines 
  • Commercial Use License - Allows you to re-brand as you wish. Use these templates to create your own journals, planners & books that you can sell or give away to your customers

Only $7 each - no coupons required

pretty pink canva templates
From Katrina Willis of BlueWren PLR
Pretty Pink E-book Templates (value $20)

The Pretty Pink E-book Templates will make creating your product or lead magnet a breeze. You’ve got the content - all you really need is a snappy set of templates to use.

Our beautifully designed Canva template pages (13 in total, including front and back covers) are yours to mix, match and brand to perfectly suit your needs.

Only $5 with coupon code 5days

25 Planner Covers Mockup
From Melody Wigdahl of
25 Original Planner Covers (value $47)

This is a collection of 25 original covers that were released over the last several months as bonuses to various products. This is your chance to pick these up on their own for an unbleievable price! Each cover was created in-house, and you have full commercial rights! At 20¢ apiece - what are you waiting for??

Only $5 with Coupon Code 5BUCKS

white label coloring journals promo
From Ruth Bowers of Ritchie Media
White Label Coloring Journal Templates, vol. 3 (value $37)

Everything you need to create coloring books, journals, and planner printables is in this package. You get mandala patterns, page backgrounds, framed pages and coloring journal pages with commercial use rights. 

Only $5 with Coupon Code 5BUCKS


Do I have to buy everything?

No. You can purchase all the items if you wish, but there's no requirement to do so. You buy only the items you wish to. 

Will I be added to a bunch of mailing lists?

No. You are making individual purchases from each vendor. You will only receive email from the vendors you actually purchase from. 

How long do I have to download my purchases?

Once you make a purchase the item is yours. Unless otherwise stated by the individual vendor, there is no download deadline for your purchases.

What if I have more questions?

If you have questions about the individual products please contact the vendor of the product you are interested in. 

If you have questions about the sale itself, you can contact me at (Please put $5 Sale in the subject)

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